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“To him who knocks the door will be opened."

parish hall

In 1923 the proposal of building of a Church Hall was considered for eight years before the foundations were laid in 1931 at a cost of £300 to accommodate 450 people.  Next year monthly Church Socials with an orchestra were organised there. A Girl Guide company and badminton group followed suit. Best of all, in 1932 a Dramatic Society called “St. Cuthbert’s Players” played to packed houses with plays like “Middlewatch”.  Mrs. Enid MacKay has lively memories of  these plays at the Church Hall, for which, as a schoolgirl, she sold tickets. 

St. Cuthbert’s  has always been vigorous in organizing social activities, fetes, flower festivals and sales of work, all these with generous charitable results. 

In later  days there was an occasional  touch of the exotic. In 1900  the programme of the Annual Sale, which raised £222, included Jarley’s Waxworks, a dancing group from Radcliffe and demonstration of “a Grammaphone”. In 1925 a Japanese Tea at the Garden Fete included  entertainment by a Pierrot group.

Nowadays the hall is used for a wide variety of purposes both church related e.g. fetes, fund raising concerts and talks and non church related e.g. ballet classes and craft clubs.

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