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“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep."


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christmas fayre

At:Parish Hall Dovecote Street
Time: 2:00 pm
On: Saturday 25th November

Accessories & Hand Bags
Cakes - Books - Bric-a Brac
Raffles - Teas & Mince Pies Tombola - Pluck the Goose
Bran Tub - Toys

Free Entry - ALL WELCOME


the winner small peg and music angels on a violin surrounded by ivy

Angel Festival

Well done to all those that enered our Angel Festival. For more pictures visit our Special Events page.


This years’ Advent course is to be based on the book ‘The Meaning is in the Waiting’ by Paula Gooder which was first published in 2008 with a forward by the Archbishop of York.
It is a reflection on the Advent seasonal theme of waiting.  In our busy world where people are into fast food and instant gratification it might be helpful for us to explore the idea of waiting.

The course is very immediate.  It is about what happens to us when we are waiting; and during our reflections we will think about some key people from the Bible as they waited on God.  In four weeks we will consider:

Week 1 - Abraham and Sarah
Week 2 – the Prophets
Week 3 – John the Baptist
Week 4 – Mary the mother of Our Lord

There will short daily Bible references to follow.  There will be an opportunity to join an Advent house group which you may sign up to.  There will references to this in the sermons during Advent.
Please join in our reflections and make Advent something special as you wait for the Lord.

28th - 29th November through until 19th - 20th December
This will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Tuesday afternoon at Ann Archer’s home.
Wednesday afternoon at Nancy Rudd's home.
All sessions will run from 2:00 - 3:30 pm.

THREEBEES (After School Club for 'Best Beiieving Buddies' )

Threebees enjoyed making their masks this week.

threebees masks


café church at the harbour village

Café Church was held at The Harbour Village to celebrate Sea Sunday.

For more pictures visit our special events page.


A BIG thank you to Martin for the coffee from 'Mocha Mondo'


moco mondo coffee

The History behind 'Mauretania Day'

On Wednesday 6th July 1935, on her final voyage, RMS Mauretania sailed past Amble on her way to the docks at Rosyth to be broken up.

At 10:25am, the clerk to Amble Urban Council sent the captain of the Mauretania a message of greeting:

"Amble to Mauretania. Greetings from Amble, last port in England, to still the finest ship on the seas".

Back came the reply:
"Mauretaina to Urban Council, Amble, to the last and kindliest port in England, greetings and thanks. Mauretania."

Decades of retelling this story means 'kindliest' has now turned into 'friendliest'.


‘Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us’

Words which trip easily off the tongue some weeks in church, and at other times perhaps seem pregnant with meaning, or challenge, or make us feel ashamed?  Steven Cottrell, now Bishop of Chelmsford, writes in the new Pilgrim Course on the baptismal promises, that ‘forgiveness is at the heart of the Christian faith’.  Yet it’s a subject we haven’t touched on much recently in the life of our church.  To rectify that, we have had a sermon series, which is something else we hadn't done in a while!  This time, preachers were invited from outside our community to come and preach to us as well, on this topic which hopefully both challenged us with some new ideas; sustained us in the knowledge of God’s love and expanded our hearts to share more fully in God’s compassion.

To see the adventure of forgiveness sermons visit sermons page


A fun clue trail for all the family,
taking you on a 35 mile scenic
round trip from Amble to Craster.
Allow 3 - 4 hours

Cost : £5.00

Sold in aid of St Cuthberts Parish Church

Available to purchase from N & F Young,
8 Queen Street, Amble.

cartoon people looking at a map

threebies after school club logo of 3 bees


at the PARISH HALL, Dovecote Street, Amble

After School Club for 'Best Beiieving Buddies'
(6 to 16 years)

Songs, music, games, stories, activities and refreshments

ALL FREE ... We would love to see you!





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